Gucci goes Seasonless?!

Creative director, Alessandro Michele, did a live broadcoast from Rome, which has shaken the world of fashion. Gucci will no longer be following the fashion calendar and showing 5 shows… View Post

The importance of Identity

I’ve been thinking a lot about identity and individuality lately. It ended up influencing a brief I produced regarding gender-neutral fragrances and I believe it’s an important topic to talk… View Post

Writers block; a halt in creativity

It’s not really surprising that this is my choice of topic today. The past few weeks have been extremely hard for many of us and I wanted to talk about… View Post

A Year without the Met Gala

Since it’s the first Monday of May, it only makes sense to talk to about what would have been, the night of the Met Gala. The theme for 2020 was… View Post

An abrupt ending to 1st year.

Covid-19 has had an impact on a lot of things, university being one of them. Sadly, I’ve finished my year of being a fresher and as wonderful as it has… View Post

Coronavirus and the Fashion industry

A lot has happened since I last mentioned Covid-19, in fact it’s been 6 weeks since I’ve been isolating, back home from university. During this time, whats been particularly interesting… View Post

LFW goes online AND gender-neutral?!

This week organisers decided that London Fashion Week 2020, will be taking place on a digital platform due to the situation we’ve all found ourselves in. Not only that, but… View Post

Virtual Gallery Tour- 21/04

Today as part of our mini brief, I visited the Galerie d’Apollon at the Louvre in France. Having had a look at the different rooms, I particularly loved the ceiling… View Post

The iconic Claire Waight Keller

This week news broke that Claire Waight Keller was resigning as Creative Director of Givenchy. When asked about her departure from the luxury fashion house she stated, “As the first… View Post

A well needed tech detox

Having so much time spare means one thing for a lot of people in my generation: scrolling. Endless scrolling, repetitively and aimlessly. You’re looking at visuals, probably not even taking… View Post

Vogue Italia, April 2020

Photoshoots cancelled, employees furloughed and the industry at a standstill only meant one thing for Vogue Italia. A blank white cover. Something that has never been done before with the… View Post

The Power of Scent

My projects have recently been focusing on the fragrance industry. It’s obviously a huge market which attracts millions of us each year, but I really wanted to talk about the…

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