10 brands I found exciting whilst in New York

As I mentioned, I was lucky enough to go to New York last week and being an FCP student we visited 5th Avenue and Soho to learn more about brands (predominantly designer). One of our research tasks was to find 10 brands who we found were doing things a bit differently and/or were exciting us. Personally, I really struggled to narrow down my list and select 10 as there was such a large choice of stores, all of whom were intriguing in their own way.

  • Dior, 5th Avenue– So I couldn’t start the list off without mentioning Dior, (in case an entire blog post wasn’t enough). Now what I really loved about this store specifically was the way it was decorated. Every single item represented the brand completely. From chairs, to rugs, stools and wallpaper. The perfect showcase of embroidery and craftsmanship, which was so perfectly visually merchandised that I fell in love with it even more- if that could even be possible.
  • Gucci, Soho– I have an entire blog post on this store which you can read here, but the reality is that it was so wonderful and there is no way I could have left it out of my top 10 brands.
  • Coach, 5th Avenue– This was an outstanding store to walk into. If you’ve been to 5th Avenue before then you’ll know what I mean when I say the shops can be quite repetitive. You walk in and everyone says the same, the products are laid out the same and visual merchandising is all pretty similar. What made me walk into Coach was clothes that were hung on an electric rail, followed by a dinosaur made out of handbags. I thought it was extremely clever and the perfect way to entice consumers into the store to take a photo, which would then hopefully lead to them purchasing something. When you then go upstairs there is a section where you can watch professionals personalise products, which I think is so inventive and pushes people to use the service if they can see it being done.
  • Lanvin, Soho– I had never visited a Lanvin store prior to this and all I can say is that it was exceptional. The interiors as soon as you walk in are breathtaking and definitely a huge marketing strategy on their part. The carpeting compliments the aesthetics of the brand perfectly (not to mention how white it still remains). The mirrors across the walls help to make the space look much bigger than it is, and on the whole, it’s just a gorgeous store!
  • Moschino, Soho- Walking into Moschino is like walking into an art gallery. You never know what you’ll find and it’ll look more like an exhibition than a store. That is exactly what I found with this branch. The oversized sculptures fit into the brand and their style extremely well. Everything about it screamed Moschino and my personal favourite was the oversized shoes which they used as merchandising space. The over the top extras wouldn’t usually be up my street but it just worked so phenomenally.
  • Prada, Soho- Our lecturer specified this to be a ‘must visit’ store on our trip to New York. Now I’ve never been a big fan of Prada, so probably wouldn’t have walked in from the exterior. But since it was recommended we chose to make a trip to see it. All I can say is ‘wow’. From an architectural perspective, it’s similar to walking into a contemporary home. The outside would suggest the store is an average size, with a few rails so you can imagine how surprised we were when we saw this as we walked further in. The shop continues on the bottom floor but the use of floor space is incredible and looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Louis Vuitton, 5th Avenue- I can’t imagine anyone having walked past this store, to not want to go in. The window displays are potentially one of my favourites from the whole trip. Louis Vuitton straying away from repetition is probably what attracted me to this store. It’s extremely clever to have mannequins in this style, rather than the stereotypical way and having them wear elements of the brand. It would definitely make anyone stop in their tracks and take a closer look, if they hadn’t seen it before.
  • Lively, Soho- Now I hadn’t actually heard of this brand until we walked past and the interiors were intriguing enough, for us all to want to go in. The use of greenery and placement of clothes really makes them stand out and helps consumers to properly analyse each product before deciding what they want. The entirety of the store was Instagrammable and visually pleasing, which is why I chose to include it in my top 10.
  • Glossier, Soho- If you haven’t heard about the Glossier store in Soho- then where have you been living? This store is beyond anything I have ever seen before. You purchase products by browsing the store and taking pictures of whatever you want to buy; after which a sales assistant places your order through a tablet and you wait for your product to be delivered in your personalised bag at the front of the store. Not only this, but the colour palette across the entirety of the store, couldn’t be any more Glossier. So many people come here to take photos, which for a brand is ideal publicity!
  • Tiffany & Co, 5th Avenue- Lastly, probably my favourite store I visited was Tiffany’s. Again, similar to Prada, I’ve never been a huge fan of the brand and I’ve never purchased anything from them. But once you go in, it really is like entering another world. The whole store is the classic Tiffany’s blue colour and the marketing like the picture below is exactly why I loved it. It’s extremely clever and that’s probably why I loved it so much.

To conclude, you can probably see why all these brands made my top 10 list, in their own way. I would definitely recommend a visit if you’re near the area and I promise you won’t regret it!

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