A shift to online working

I’m a university student and with so much of my content switching to being online due to the pandemic, it only makes sense to discuss the impact this sort of thing has and what the changes mean. It’s certainly not easy and as much as I don’t always wanting to be focusing on Covid-19, it’s playing a huge part in so many of our lives, so it will end up slipping into my posts!

Social distancing and lockdown has meant businesses, schools and universities have had to transfer online. Whether this is through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other platforms. One thing it has shown is whether this could become a normality for meetings and erase the need for continuous face to face contact. Do we really need to be travelling to meet people when it can be done virtually? First and foremost, it’s the most sustainable approach. We can reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary food waste (usually involved with meetings) by taking what would be face to face, virtually.

Another surprise is how photoshoots are essentially being done with minimal face to face contact. How you may be wondering? Well, Zara Home on their ‘New In’ collection have images taken by models within their own homes. In fact, new pieces on the Asos website are taken by models at home too, where they try the items they’ve been sent on and then they’re uploaded to the site. Now surely, this is something we should see more often. Clothes in their expected surroundings, with models more relaxed and showcasing how the products look when photographed by somebody like you or me. Personally, I see it as being something which we should continue with, rather than having models travel to and from places for shoots.

Online working has also changed the fashion industry in terms of clothing itself. Do you get fully dressed? Dress up from half way upwards? Are you still spraying perfume or wearing makeup? For most of us who rely on audio calls, I’m sure loungewear is what we’re living in but for those not quite as lucky- wearing a shirt with joggers is pretty common. It’s an etiquette most of us are struggling to getting used to, not just with the clothing side of it. I mean my shoes and jeans are probably wondering where I’ve been as I haven’t worn them in what seems like the longest time ever.

The shift in circumstance is anything but easy, however I’m sure in a few weeks time we’ll start getting used to this new idea of normal. Until then, wear what you want to. If thats dressing up to watch TV or wearing pyjamas 24/7. Do you and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

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