A well needed tech detox

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Having so much time spare means one thing for a lot of people in my generation: scrolling. Endless scrolling, repetitively and aimlessly. You’re looking at visuals, probably not even taking it in and the times where you are, a lot of it will be negative or affecting you negatively. So I decided to have a detox from my phone. Now I knew how hard this would be hence why I only did it for a day (immense credit to anybody who can do it much longer) but I really can’t wait to do it again.

So it had been a long week and to be honest quite a bad one personally. I’d struggled and on top of all of that, social media just wasn’t helping. So I woke up on a Saturday morning and decided I wouldn’t check any messages or any of my social media accounts. I let certain people know with a simple text message to say if it was urgent then they could call me, but after that I left it till I went to bed. Personally, it was my favourite day of lockdown. I spent so much of my time with my family, living in the moment and the evening consisted of drinks with friends (virtually of course). I didn’t have to think about what anybody else was doing, what they were wearing or buying or how productive they were. I had no comparisons, just the enjoyment of everything I was doing for myself.

Never did I think I’d ever be advocating this because I’ve always been the one who’s really struggled not being connected and not having my phone to look at. It probably links to my anxiety of feeling like I have to check up on people, but when we’re all in lockdown, this can lead to being in bed at 4am going through Instagram and questioning yourself on everything and anything. It really puts into context how important you are as a being and so long as you’re doing things to keep you safe and happy, that’s what really matters. I felt really proud after it, as did many people who knew me because none of us thought I’d be able to go long enough.

The point I’m trying to make is if you are finding some days harder than others then this is something I would really recommend trying. It’s important to do something for yourself, whilst also caring about others, which is why I would suggest letting close ones know you’re doing it- in case they need to get hold of you. If you think it’s hard, you could try things such as restricting the quantity of times you pick up your phone. For instance, only touching your phone at half past every hour, whilst checking it for 3 minutes only, then putting it down. Or phones now have screen time so you can actually limit the amount of hours you’re using your device during the day which can be handy to stop unneeded scrolling.

If you’re feeling unsure about the idea of it, try it before you say no! I was extremely weary of it and sort of hoped it wouldn’t be enjoyable but it really was the opposite and I hope to try doing it more often!

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