A Year without the Met Gala

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Since it’s the first Monday of May, it only makes sense to talk to about what would have been, the night of the Met Gala. The theme for 2020 was ‘About Time: Fashion and Duration’, before Covid-19 meant it had to be postponed. Now, we have no idea whether this means it’ll happen at a later date or the theme will just be used next year, since designers will have been working hard to have already produced outfits for the event.

It’s known as one of the biggest nights in the fashion calendar. Celebrities, editors, models and designers come together to raise money for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York. Since 1995, Anna Winter has hosted the gala alongside honorary hosts such as Harry Styles, Serena Williams and Donatella Versace. The biggest question of the night is usually which designer each celebrity is wearing and the influence behind it. Unlike any other red carpet event, the idea is usually to go as extravagant as possible!

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So I’m going to talk through some of my favourite looks from the past few years and explain exactly why I love them! Whilst we don’t get any new photos this year, it only makes sense to reminisce.

  • Blake Lively, 2018– When I think back to the Met from the past several years, this has to be a stand out for me personally. Her Versace gown took over 600 hours to make, which is shown in just how exquisite it is. Whilst being so throughly detailed and embroidered, it’s extremely elegant and fits her so well- something which some designers don’t always consider. I love the use of velvet and the contrast with the bodice on top; just simply beautiful!
Figure 3
  • Rihanna, 2015– This Chinese couture dress was made by Guo Pei alone, taking her 2 years to create. Similar to Blake Lively’s, the pure attention to detail is what leaves me in awe. The colour is incredible and alongside the use of fur on the edges, it looks like something out of Lion King!
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  • Lady Gaga, 2019– In typical Gaga manner, she managed to wear 4 different outfits on the carpet, in the space of 15 minutes. With simple alterations, Brandon Maxwell helped to complete her transformations, which began with a 25 foot train dress. What I love is the uniqueness of having a change on the red-carpet, especially being as it’s the one event where it makes complete sense!
Figure 5
  • Marc Jacobs, 2012– This Comme des Garcons lace polo dress that Jacobs wore just shows how he never plays by the books and paired alongside a pair of boxers, it’s so cool how well he rocked it. This is the sort of style I would love to see more and more men wearing!
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  • Lizzo, 2019– Her floor length Marc Jacobs number was incredible. She changed her hair to match her outfit and I particularly loved the slit in her leg. Using tones of pink throughout her entire look worked so much better than I would have thought and the textures are what I think makes the outfit.
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I can’t wait for the Met Gala to be back again next year. From hair, makeup and fashion, the day is full of excitement, even for people like me; sat at home, admiring the exquisite beauty that’s produced for a 15 minute walk across the red carpet. It’s definitely the best Monday of the year!

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