All Saints. Everything you’re missing out on!

My summative project involved me researching into All Saints and personally I’ve never bought anything from the brand themselves, although I have been in many of times. I thought it’d be interesting to tell you about what I think of the brand, having had learnt more and more about them. Maybe it’ll interest you to go in!

For me All Saints has always been this grungy store, quite dark, gothic and always reminds me of their iconic leather jackets. Having had done some primary research, a lot of people tended to agree. They are extremely well known for their quality of real leather but also the visual merchandising behind their store. It represents wooden workshops with all the pipes and unfinished surfaces on display. Sewing machines are placed around the store, which are vintage and really beautiful as a piece of artwork themselves. Clothes are hung on rails made from pipes and overall I think the design is extremely aesthetically pleasing and like nothing else on the market.

I have always quite liked the brand and it’s definitely a higher end brand I would love to buy from in the future, but what really made it so intriguing for me is the detail and craftsmanship behind their work. The clothes are on the luxury side of the market but having visited the store to specifically analyse their clothing, you can actually see why. The quality of materials is to a high standard and the manufacturing is impeccable. To an extent it does seem as if it has been handmade, which it definitely hasn’t.

I would recommend to anyone looking for an investment piece to take a look at the website or go into store. The jackets and coats specifically are a personal favourite, but their dresses are beautiful too. Not forgetting menswear, which is what the brand first began with producing and selling and is still just as fashionable. I love how they use a lot of pattern in their menswear collections too because a lot of brands tend to stay quite reserved, giving a narrow choice for consumers.

To conclude, I think that All Saints are really rising in the industry at the moment and they definitely deserve a mention and more of people’s time because they have a lot to offer.

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