An abrupt ending to 1st year.

Covid-19 has had an impact on a lot of things, university being one of them. Sadly, I’ve finished my year of being a fresher and as wonderful as it has been, it only makes sense to do so. Although its been cut short, I’ve learned and experienced a lot along the way, which makes for a perfect blog post to ease any worries you may have if you’re joining this year or if you’re going into 2nd year too, but want to know that you’re not alone in how you feel.

To start with I’ve come up with a list of things I’d recommend you bring to university if you can:

  • A doorstop- Now this was one of the biggest mistakes I made by not brining one. It’s definitely the best way to start of your term, so flatmates can pop their head in to say hi and during the first few weeks you can get to know people better (especially if you don’t have a communal area).
  • A speaker- Not only will it be useful to get you into the mood, for the days you’re feeling a bit down, but you can also use it with friends and flatmates for pre’s and parties!
  • Photos of friends and families- This personally made the biggest difference for me. I struggled with adapting to university life at first and by making my room at university more homely with photos definitely helped and made me feel better, not having bare walls.
  • A Printer- If you’re studying a creative degree or one that you know will require a lot of printing- I would 100% recommend buying one. I didn’t and ended up buying one a month in. It comes extremely useful closer to deadlines and when you’re up late and don’t want to make that trip to the library. In fact this printer I bought came with unlimited ink cartridges for 2 years, which is handy when it comes saving money.

As you get closer to September there is no doubt you’ll be nervous and have tons of questions going through your mind. Now I know in my case that no matter how much people told me I’d enjoy it, I just knew I’d struggle to begin with, which is what took up majority of my head. All I can say is that you WILL enjoy it. You’ll love the independence you gain and the progress you see within yourself. Whether you enjoy going out or not, there will be something for you and you will find that. The biggest thing I can recommend to help with this, is to throw yourself into everything you’re offered (sensibly of course). Join societies, meet friends of friends and try new things- everybody is in the same boat. They’re all trying to find their way and you’ll definitely find like-minded people.

Next, I want to talk about Fresher’s Week. The so-called week that’s meant to be ‘the best week of your life’, personally wasn’t for me- and that is totally okay! Don’t feel pressured to have to constantly go out and do things; yes if you’re up for it then 100% go for it but the step from just living with people to being alone is huge within itself and if it takes a while for you to settle in, that is normal. You’ll slowly grow to find ‘your people’ and they’ll end up being some of the best days and nights of your first year, so don’t put so much pressure on your mental health for making yourself do something you may not want to. I can say that I’m definitely going to make the most out of Fresher’s week this year, now that I know people, than I did in first year!

All in all, I’d say take it as it comes. Don’t overthink it too much because you’re all feeling the same and whether you adapt quickly or it takes a little bit longer- you’re going to get there in the end! Most importantly take care of yourself and those around you!

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