Breaking Fashion- inside the industry

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Towards the start of my degree late last year, I was scrolling through BBC iPlayer and I found this documentary series, ‘Breaking Fashion’. 10 minutes in and I was hooked! Now I want to tell all of you why you also need to give this series a binge watch.

So what is it actually about, you may be wondering? Simply it’s about the company ‘In the Style’, who’s offices are based in Salford. They explain the ins and outs of designing, shooting and launching new collaborations with influencers and the ups and downs they face along the way. It showcases the warehouse production, photoshoots abroad, launch events and day to day office work. Now the first thing I loved is how it introduces you to how specific the different roles are and what their responsibilities involve. As an independent consumer for around 10 years, being outside the industry, the only real career option within fashion that you see is being a designer. I learnt more after various work experience, placements and short courses but for people wanting an inexpensive and accurate insight into the industry, really I would say this show is perfect. It isn’t all a walk in the park and they face a lot of problems right up until 30 seconds before the launch of their new lines but this is normal and good to see.

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Collaborations are with the likes of Lottie Tomlinson, Dani Dyer, Lorna Luxe and many more, releasing clothing lines which all have a different flair to them depending on the influencer. It shows how much input a collaboration can needs from not just the brand themselves but also the the celebrity themselves. Which is where my other point about how eye-opening this series is, comes in. I spoke to a friend who had also watched this series and she said that watching it completely put her off ever wanting to enter the industry. Now personally, I think this is just as beneficial, if not more, than learning something new from the show. A lot of people come into creative courses with clear assumptions as to how it all is; Breaking Fashion shows how far from the glitz and glamour it really is. The industry is shown to be incredible intense, involves long working days and having to work with people who also have tight schedules and want things at a certain time and place without any excuses. Sounds simple enough, but when garments have been produced in wrong sizes or fabrics and they’re needed in 24 hours, to be flown out to another country- stressful would be an understatement.

Saying this I think it’s so wonderful to see brands succeed in what they do and hit new milestones. As creatives creating a gap in the market to fit yourself in as a company is extremely difficult and it’s small landmarks like this that get you through the harder days. You might still be wondering, so what actually makes this show so worthwhile? In my opinion, I don’t think their is anything currently like it available to watch. They started off as a small brand, in 2013 by Adam Frisby and since they’ve only grown and grown to become a large business that is now worth £30 million. There are many documentaries about designer brands but this is the closest thing to being accessible to most of the public.

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I hope I’ve managed to persuade you to go and give it a watch. There’s 6 episodes on BBC iPlayer (which means no adverts!) and you can watch it here. I anticipate you’ll find it as useful and intriguing as I did!

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