Coronavirus and the Fashion industry

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A lot has happened since I last mentioned Covid-19, in fact it’s been 6 weeks since I’ve been isolating, back home from university. During this time, whats been particularly interesting is seeing how different industries are contributing to help key workers and the general public. I can only be honoured when I say fashion is one of these. Industry leaders such as LVMH, Prada and Armani have given up their factories to produce the likes of hand sanitisers, masks and protective equipment, whilst also donating funds.

Last month, LVMH donated £1.8 million to the Red Cross China, whilst switching all their factories to produce hand santisiers to send to hospitals worldwide. Prada donated money towards intensive units in Italy, following the outbreak there and I think as a community, we’ve realised the importance of producing clothes is not as necessary as the tragedy we are currently facing. Although saying this, I do understand the need for having brands such as ASOS still going, even if it’s just to help keep the economy running and allowing the small quantity of employees to keep their jobs (so long as it’s done safely).

It’s not just the big names in the business playing their part, smaller designers have also set up their own initiatives too. For instance, the designer behind Pyer Moss has stated that he’ll be donating vital protective equipment to hospitals and that one way people can help him is by sending unopened parcels to his offices, which he’ll then go ahead to donate in NYC. A personal favourite, Prabal Gurung, has donated 2000 masks to staff from marginalised areas, in partnership with The Covid Foundation. Bottega Veneta have taken a slightly different approach and donated to those tirelessly researching into the disease and to help scientific research towards it. The funds will help staff as well as exploring deeper into Covid, something that may have slipped the minds of many people.

Similar to this, I like how our industry is considering the impact the pandemic is having and helping different causes. With Kate Spade New York, they’ve donated $100,000 to a mental health charity which can help with counselling to the public during this difficult time. I’m glad to see a cause that’s personally very important to me being helped during this devastating time. Meanwhile, Gucci are donating 1 million Euros to their Italian Civil Protection Department, as a thank you to selfless workers.

I’m extremely grateful to be joining an industry that is showing countless efforts to people worldwide. A business that has always seemed disconnected from the general public and very much about the glitz and glamour, is doing as much as they can to provide to those who need it. I’ve only mentioned a few corporations but there are many more playing their part, for which I’d like to say Thank You for. I hope this bit of positivity brings a smile to your day.

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