Covid-19, A Reality Check.

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To be writing this blog post when so many people are suffering and losing their lives, is a feeling like no other. I know a lot of us are feeling it right now, especially as it’s a circumstance we’ve never experienced and definitely didn’t see coming. We’ve all been hearing the devastating impact this virus has been having on people all around the globe, so I don’t want to talk anymore about this side of it, but all of the latest updates can be found on the BBC. Instead, I know this can be a mentally challenging time for people who are social distancing and self isolating, so I thought it would make sense to talk about ways in which we can make a difference and also share a bit of positivity in such a tragic situation.

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NHS Volunteering has been set up using the GoodSam Platform. It allows people who are fit and not showing symptoms of the virus, to help the more vulnerable and those self isolating. I myself have signed up and know a lot of people my age have (you can here), in fact the aim was to have 250,000 and they’ve surpassed 750,000 people, who have signed up in the past week. It allows you to get groceries for those near you, take medication, drop them to appointments or something as simple as calling somebody who may be feeling lonely. There are many options and something as small as that could really help somebody. It really is amazing how many people have volunteered, but remember you don’t need to sign up to check up on your neighbours, family and friends- so make sure they’re okay!

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This is something every single person can take part in, wherever you are. Even if you’re driving- beep your horn! It has ended up being a weekly occurrence at 8pm on a Thursday, people are standing outside their households and clapping for the NHS and our frontline workers, who are fighting and risking their lives so we can stay safe and be sat at home. I think any bit of appreciation we can show (safely) is essential for the work they do for us.

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Now for some positive news! Believe it or not, the photo above is in Venice, Italy, where the waters have cleared up so much that you can see straight down to the bottom. With less boat traffic, the colour of the water has turned from a mucky green to a clear blue. In fact in some parts of the water, dolphins have been spotted and fishes have returned!

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In terms of crimes, they’ve already seen unto 20% decrease in certain types of crimes! Since more people are in the homes, it does mean less burglary and snatch-theft. It’s a shame that it’s a lockdown that has meant we’ve seen a decrease, but hopefully the numbers will continue to stay low.

On the whole, as important as it is to keep up to date with the news, try not to let too much negativity consume you. Remember that if you’re feeling lonely, call a family member/friend or a charity like Mind on 0300 123 3393. Keep looking out for positive things in the media and just know that you aren’t alone and it’s completely natural to be finding this time a little bit difficult. For many of us, it has given us a reality check and made us realise the things in life which really matter and that we should be grateful for. Lastly, make sure you’re staying safe!

(If you are experiencing any symptoms, remember to self isolate and call 111 if they get worse or visit the NHS website)

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