Dior’s Feminist Fall 2020 Show

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So you may be thinking; here goes, another post on Dior- surprise surprise. The truth is, my love for the brand only makes me love what they’re doing even more. Maria Grazia Chiuri is a talented goddess, who is deserving of all the credit given to this show. Now the collection was powerful within itself. Not sticking to the typically feminine styles, Chiuri’s vision created clothes for the everyday woman.

Chiuri has already shown her feminist routes, through her commissioned feminist artwork, which has influenced the success of the brand. What she created for this show, was exceptional in my eyes. The production of the show included words and phrases which empowers women and is a talking point for the audience. Photography for the event will have the words in the background, which shows the beliefs of the brand and their morals.

I think in society nowadays, brands, celebrities and anybody who has a major influence, can shy away from publicly voicing their opinions because of the controversy it can cause. They may lose fans or get into a political debate they didn’t ask for. Personally, I think it’s done as self protection and as much as I can see where they’re coming from, I definitely don’t agree with it. Regardless of your position in society, you have the right to voice your opinion (as much as a problem this can cause) and for people who’s voice can affect tens of thousands, they should promote equal wages for women, LGBTQ+ rights, peaceful campaigns against gun violence and much more. So for such a reputable brand like Dior, to use their platform to make a stance and accept that women are still not treated as equally as men, is huge!

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The catwalk floor was decked out in newspaper articles in relation to feminism and the impact it has had in society. The overall ‘vibe’ almost seemed more like a presentation than a catwalk, with the audience taking away much more from it than just how wonderful the collection is.

Now as much as I want to carry on talking about all of the positives of the show and how unique it was, it would only be right to discuss the negatives, in my own opinion. The shows central theme was empowerment for women, however when you have a glance at the models, they all tend to be young and thin. What does this say about the types of women Dior want to empower? Especially for the younger audience watching this show, but then having a look at the models that have been casted, there seems to be no correlation or consistency. Here is where I would have personally taken inspiration from Rihanna’s Fenty Show and casted a wide array of women, all ages, ethnicities and sizes to try and empower women from all backgrounds.

All in all, I do think the show was a major step forward in bringing together fashion with controversial opinions but I do believe that if you are trying to do this as such an established brand, then it needs to run throughout else it may come across as being unauthentic, which will push consumers away even further.

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