EVERLANE- A brand with a message

Figure 1

Following on from our week of seminars and lectures regarding innovative and inspiring brands, I found one of my own that I wanted to talk about. I hadn’t actually heard of Everlane until I did some research and I find them quite admirable. They manufacture all their garments from the best ethical factories around the world, with the finest materials. They share all these stories online, who you as a consumer can read into before buying into the brand. Furthermore, the products you buy from them they hope are timeless and will last decades, in an aim to reduce fast fashion.

As well as all of this, the main thing which attracted me to write about them was their transparency as a brand. The think it’s only fair of a consumer to know how much their clothes cost to make and the pricing breakdown, from materials to transportation costs. Below is an example of how they visually show consumers the breakdown of a pair of their jeans. This can be found when you click on the product and scroll down to the bottom. I think it is important for consumers to understand what exactly they’re paying for and hopefully it’ll help to change minds when they’re buying fast fashion from places like Primark. Products like jeans can be extremely heavily priced, but when a brand shows why, we can justify spending £64 as opposed to buying a pair of Armani jeans for £100.

Figure 2

In fact they’ve also introduced a new strategy. With stock they may have overproduced (which they also aim to correct and eventually only produce a quantity that is needed to avoid wastage), they have a ‘choose what you pay’ section. From denim to sweaters or even boots, they have a choice of 3 prices they can pay for each product. The lowest price covers the manufacture of the product. The middle price point covers production as well giving $10 to offices and the most expensive price covers all this and an additional $10 going to help future development. An example of it I’ve put below with a pair of trainers.

Figure 3

I think the mission is very authentic to the brand and it stays consistent through the products they sell and the justification for it. I thought it was important to consider less obvious brands which is why I wanted to talk about Everlane as opposed to somebody like Nike or M&S. I would definitely recommend having a look at their website and if you get a chance their stores look aesthetically pleasing and extremely modern.

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