Gucci goes Seasonless?!

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Creative director, Alessandro Michele, did a live broadcoast from Rome, which has shaken the world of fashion. Gucci will no longer be following the fashion calendar and showing 5 shows a year but rather it’ll be 2. His reasoning for this, began with addressing the overgrowing problem of buying more than we need and instead trying to prolong the lifespan of clothes. This decision starts quite immediately, with Gucci not intending to show in September’s fashion week. But what does this mean for the fashion calendar? Will a fashion show ever be the same again?

Gucci plan to show 2 collections a year which will be seasonless and not adhere to cruise collections or spring/summer, etc. Michele believes we’ve gone too far and “Our reckless actions have burned the house we live in. We conceived of ourselves as separated from nature, we felt cunning and almighty.” I have more admiration for Gucci than ever before! This is the step forward that our industry haas needed, done by one of the most iconic brands in the world. Gucci have proven to show that there is no need to produce large quantities of clothes and shows, in order to stay in the game. Last month, Saint Laurent said they’d leave out Paris Fashion week and follow their own agenda going ahead, it’s no surprise Gucci have followed in their footsteps.

I mentioned previously in a blog post about the need for fashion week to go and how we need to see some changes. It’s incredible to think how quickly these changes are coming into action. I hope to see more fashion houses do the same thing and understand that when it comes to publicity and PR, there are just as many strategies they can use to keep us upto date with the brand, than having to produce unsustainable shows. In my opinion, as much as I adore the cruise collections and they probably are some of my favourite shows- they just seem unreasonable in 2020. The clothes aren’t wearable by the majority and it’s a waste of resources, that as a globe we just can’t afford to continue with. In fact, the attendees of these shows are predominantly those who will be loaning products from brands or collaborating- so when you consider sales of products, a lot of it really comes from outside of these shows.

All in all, I’m shocked by the news because I didn’t really see a major designer take such a big step forward coming. It brings us some positivity during this global pandemic, that maybe it’s giving people globally to reflect on their actions and who they are. Hopefully for the fashion industry, it can make us question the sort of creatives we want to be and make change.

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