Gucci’s Soho Store or Heaven on Earth as I like to call it

So last week, I went to Gucci’s Soho branch and all I can say is that it is definitely worth the hype. The store is unlike any other branch they have and I would highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area or looking for cool places to visit.

All the staff who work there are called ‘connectors’, not your typical sales assistants. They don’t aim to sell you any products but rather they talk to you about the brand Gucci and the city of New York in general, as we experienced. It’s quite nice to go into a designer store and not be bombarded with various sales assistants asking if they can help you or if you’re looking for something in specific. The connector we spoke to explained the layout of the store and then went on to advise us about places he’d recommend we visit in New York. So if you do go into the store, don’t be nervous about striking up a conversation with them because they’ll want to talk.

If all that isn’t enough then the store itself contains a cinema and a library. Now I went in with this idea in my head about a small screen and a couple of chairs but all I can say is that is was so much better than what I expected. The comfy sofa chairs are designed to fit the brand perfectly with floral embroidery. The screen is fairly big and each seat has its own set of headphones!

Walking through the shop, the library is located right at the back and could potentially be missed. It’s a place for people to sit and relax whilst reading books, all linked to fashion. Even the decor of the library is completely Gucci through and through. A lot of us just sat in the store and appreciated it all, taking it all in and nobody comes to rush you or question you about just having a seat, even if you aren’t reading.

All in all, I think this could have been one of my favourite designer stores that I have ever visited just because of the uniqueness of the shop and having walked through 20-30 stores that day, Gucci just felt completely and utterly different to any other. I think as a brand you have to be different in 2020 to stand out from your competitors and not just repeat what others are doing. This is what I think Gucci have nailed impeccably.

All photos are my own.

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