How Glossier has Gen Z hooked

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My most recent brief has involved developing insights from secondary research about a non-clothing brand that connects with Gen Z consumers. Our group focused on makeup and I ended up choosing Glossier. Not only is it a huge Gen Z brand but after visiting their flagship store in New York, I’ve just fallen in love with them even more, so it just made sense!

The Gen Z brand revolves around being a ‘skin first, makeup second’ beauty company. They believe skincare is essential and that makeup is a choice made by the individual. By focusing on the reality of people’s everyday makeup routine, they’ve managed to draw in a large audience. They were founded in 2014 and ever since they aim to incorporate the consumer throughout the beauty process as they don’t think it can be achieved in just the boardroom. A few of these facts alone, were not only a surprise to me but provided me with the understanding as to how they’ve accumulated such a wide fan base.

The brand has definitely succeeded in their aims, hence being one of the largest beauty brands for Gen Z consumers. One of the key reasons I believe is down to their method of communication. Their brands target audience is clear- they don’t intend on targeting an older audience and hence their main point of contact is through their Instagram page and their blog. The whole ‘vibe’ of the brand is by being ‘Instragrammable’ and wanting to let other people know that you buy Glossier. When it comes to marketing this is one of the best strategies, as studies have shown that you are more likely to buy a product if a friend recommends it to you than by viewing an ad. In fact, their most recent product launch involved a giveaway with 500 fans of the brand, as opposed to using influencers.

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Another reason for their success I think is down to their sense of community and how they don’t really advertise in public places, because its more down to the fact that once you buy from the brand, the likelihood is you will buy again and you’re part of this group who believe in being their natural self, whether that involves make up or not. This is why I think Gen Z are so in love with them. We as a generation are involved with things like diversity, equality and individuality. The running theme here is the idea of allowing everybody to be who they want to be which Glossier have as the motto of their brand. I think it comes across quite authentically because it runs from their products, to their visuals and everything else. In addition, as a generation we are tech savvy and prefer everything to be remote and easily accessible which Glossier have clocked onto. Their marketing is all digital and produces content that is interactive, perfect for the generation who want to voice their opinions and have a say!

All in all, I think Glossier is the prime example of how to get a generation hooked. It all comes down to the marketing, branding and voice of the brand. However, it’s key that the brand comes across as being authentic about it and not pretending to be something they are’t, else it can do the opposite and brands can lose consumers.

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