Lizzo, the Role Model.

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You won’t be surprised to see I’m writing a post on the one and only, Lizzo. She’s been extremely relevant the past year; not just for her music! Born in Detroit, Lizzo is a 32 year old singer-songwriter, known for her hits, ‘Juice’ and ‘Good as Hell’. She’s been scrutinised early on in her career for the way that she looks, however she’s always been pretty clear in her values: “love your body, have faith in your abilities, don’t let people treat you like shit.” As a plus- size woman of colour, she’s certainly had a rollercoaster ride within the industry but what is so wonderful to see, is the amount of people who love her! Stereotypes within society are slowly shifting which is incredible- as much as we still have a long way to go.

Her music openly talks about her weight and promotes body positivity, whilst she has no fear to voice her opinion freely outside of her songs too. Recently, she spoke out about brands suddenly promoting self love. She stated, “It’s unfair for us to assume that people know how to love themselves … [corporations have] spent decades telling people they weren’t good enough and selling them an ideal of beauty. All of a sudden you’re selling them self-love? People don’t know how to love themselves, because they were trying to look like the motherf***er you were selling them!” As I mentioned in previous posts, it’s very uncommon to find celebrities voice their opinions on controversial topics, in fear of them being disliked by the population or brands. I think this is one reason why she truly is so much of a role model to young men and women!

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Lizzo uses her platform to advocate for people of colour and those who aren’t the stereotypical size that society deems as beautiful. Some people may find her to be cocky, especially when she expresses her self love and admiration for herself but to me it’s the positivity that we’re lacking in society. We’ve grown up to not express when we’re proud of ourselves or give ourselves compliments but why not? We can be so friendly to other people and yet so ignorant to ourselves, seeming to forget we’re the most important things in our own lives.

Her fashion is commendable too. She wears what she wants to, however she wants to and won’t let the norms of the public sway it. In a century where we are telling men to wear dresses and larger girls to wear a mini skirt, Lizzo is the ideal icon for people to look to. She calls herself a queen and says that she doesn’t need anybody to tell her that she is- because she knows she is! Personally, she’s somebody society has needed and I’m glad she’s got the attention she deserves to hopefully be the role model that society needs.

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