My Designer of Dreams

Having had the Designer of Dreams exhibition at the V&A end a couple months ago, it only fits to talk about why Christian Dior is my designer of dreams.

Quite possibly one of my favourite fashion brands, season on season, Dior never fails to astound me with their creativity. From the man himself, to Yves Saint Laurent and now Maria Grazia Chiuri (with many more in between), they’ve all played their role as creative directors, to shape Dior into what it is today. With Maria being the first female creative director for Dior, she has only gone and taken the brand by storm. Her debut collection featured T Shirts with slogans saying, “We Should All Be Feminists”, whilst showcasing the importance of the women working behind the brand, who the public don’t always see and recognise. As probably one of my favourite directors for Dior, I think it’s wonderful to see a female embrace the role and show meaning behind her first collection for the brand.

My personal favourite aspect about Dior is how suitable all their clothes are for all their demographics, whilst keeping it Parisian. The intricacy of the clothing remains as delicate and sophisticated as it was 60 years ago, at the same time as keeping it up to date and as unique as possible. I also feel that the heritage behind their brand is translated well into their accessories too, which is a rarity. A Dior handbag represents true Parisian culture incredibly, from the colour palettes, to the stitching and the choice of fabrics.

In fact I love the colour palettes behind not only their clothing but also their stores and interiors. Every element is thought about it in detail to improve the customer experience. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, I would 100% recommend going to visit a Dior store (especially the one in Paris). It is like no other, with the use of white and glass instalments used to open the space up even more and help the products stand out.

ABC Dior Handbag

Not only is Dior a personal favourite, but it is the epitome of luxury fashion. They do fashion like no other, with something new every season whilst reflecting there brand continuously, from the product, to campaigns, adverts and retail stores. Alongside all of the amazing things I have to say about them; there is one aspect which does bother me and it would only be right for me to be as honest as possible.

A lot of Dior’s products, specifically their bags are made from animal skin, either lambskin or calfskin predominantly. This is worrying, especially in 2019 where as a society we are all much more conscious about the products we buy and there are more vegans than there have ever been. It is a huge negative to the brand and would turn away many consumers like myself from investing in these certain products.

Christian Dior, Paris

All in all, Dior is definitely one of my favourite brands, right from the very start when I fell in love with fashion. I can’t wait to explore them even more in the years to come!

All stock photos courtesy of Unsplash.

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