Nottingham; its very own fashion city

Moving to another city is nerve-racking. If anything that’s an understatement. To then be studying something brand new, not knowing anybody and having to find your bearings on-top of all of that is never gonna be ‘easy’. After spending a term in Nottingham, I can officially say I’m in love with the city and it has more links to fashion than I could have ever imagined.

After fashion, architecture for me is something I have a lot of passion for and comes close second. When looking at buildings you can see a lot of correlation between their work and the influence it has had on the fashion industry. For instance, Virgil Abloh (the owner of Off White and artistic director for Louis Vuitton) first graduated as an architect before designing clothes. In fact the Louis Vuitton store in New York looks more like an architectural masterpiece than a store. More local to home, Nottingham is the hometown to the incredible Paul Smith. You can see so much of his fashion being inspired by the old streets and colours within Nottingham. Below is a couple photos I took of his store here and it’s simply exquisite. I love how the store is made to integrate itself into the city, with the rustic flooring and use of wooden furnishings.

Architecture around Nottingham is just incredible. There’s a lot of historical elements to it which I’m a huge fan of as well as art galleries such as the Nottingham Contemporary and the New Art Exchange. It links into fashion extremely well and the galleries are definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. The city itself used to be home to the world’s lace industry (now known as the Creative Quarter) and walking around the streets now, you would be surprised with the large number of vintage shops you can still find. Personally, I’m a fan of Braderie, a modern vintage shop with the most gorgeous interiors, selling something to appeal to everyone. Another vintage store my friend recommended was Wild Clothing, which is an old school style vintage store and exactly what you’d expect one to look like. It has some really rare jackets which I fell in love with. When and where you can it’s so important to buy vintage clothes rather than brand new and it’s nice to see such a large city offer so many of them!

In fact, Nottingham has its very own fashion week, to help emerging designers and give them a platform to showcase their work. It’s important to provide these opportunities not just for locals but also for the large population of students in the area, who are specialising in the arts. For startups, a key company is Bridge & Stitch who help new businesses set up UK based manufacturing and production, whilst providing consultancy services. This isn’t common around the UK and for upcoming designers, this can be a problem when not knowing where to start with their business, so it’s great that Nottingham can provide this kind of help.

So when you come to look at it, whether you’re just visiting Nottingham or planning on coming to work/study here- it has so much to offer from the side of Fashion. In fact outside of London, it’s one of the best cities to be in for this industry!

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