Fragrance Therapy

I didn’t know much about fragrance therapy or aromatherapy as it’s more commonly called. When researching into the fragrance industry in preparation for a brief, I found that this is… View Post

The true value of Fashion

The past few weeks have made me question the importance of the fashion industry and how it really makes us feel. Entering this industry, you can get questioned about whether… View Post

Covid-19, A Reality Check.

To be writing this blog post when so many people are suffering and losing their lives, is a feeling like no other. I know a lot of us are feeling… View Post

Zoologist Fragrances- 02/04

Our seminar today consisted of producing a mood board to represent the fragrance we would create for a certain animal for Zoologist perfumes. I chose the animal of a flamingo.… View Post

Will clean beauty ever be the new norm?

Clean beauty involves products which don’t contain any toxins or ingredients that have proven to be harmful to the body. The past several years has seen a resurgence of these… View Post

The Fragrance Industry- 31/03

As a continuation from yesterday our task today revolved around the fragrance industry and delving deeper into our own views of it. Their were 3 mood boards we had to… View Post

Scent Stories- 30/03

Our seminar today consisted of visually analysing fragrance adverts and the story they tried to create behind each scent. The 3 campaigns were for: Marc Jacobs- Daisy YSL- Opium Versace-… View Post

The importance of mental well-being

Mental health can be difficult enough to deal with daily, let alone when their’s a global pandemic going on. I’ve personally suffered with anxiety and depression before and I can… View Post

A shift to online working

I’m a university student and with so much of my content switching to being online due to the pandemic, it only makes sense to discuss the impact this sort of… View Post

Lizzo, the Role Model.

You won’t be surprised to see I’m writing a post on the one and only, Lizzo. She’s been extremely relevant the past year; not just for her music! Born in… View Post

Where do I see myself in a decade?

A good friend of mine turned 20 this week and whilst joking about her getting old, it got me thinking; I’m 20 this year. It seems scary to think about… View Post

Will we ever be an all inclusive society?

The topic of inclusivity and diversity has been playing on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been looking into brands such as Fenty and it got me thinking about whether… View Post