Dior’s Feminist Fall 2020 Show

So you may be thinking; here goes, another post on Dior- surprise surprise. The truth is, my love for the brand only makes me love what they’re doing even more.… View Post

How Glossier has Gen Z hooked

My most recent brief has involved developing insights from secondary research about a non-clothing brand that connects with Gen Z consumers. Our group focused on makeup and I ended up… View Post

Are we still living in a world full of stereotypes?

This topic came into my head whilst I was shopping for body wash and I saw the exact same product being targeted for both men and women separately. The one… View Post

The resurgence of Vintage

The past few years has seen a drastic increase in vintage. From charity shops, clothes swap events and the infamous Depop. With sustainability being a huge intiative currently, it only… View Post

EVERLANE- A brand with a message

Following on from our week of seminars and lectures regarding innovative and inspiring brands, I found one of my own that I wanted to talk about. I hadn’t actually heard… View Post

What moves me?

This week we had lectures focusing on inspiring brands both fashion and non-fashion, who were producing with an initiative in mind. From examples such as, Tony’s Chocolonely to Nike it… View Post

Reviewing the first half of first Year

Now that I’m nearly halfway through first year and I’m about to hand in my final project for my first module, it only makes sense to talk about how this… View Post

Mr Harry Styles.

Now this a blog post that I knew I had to do back in September when we first got set our blog brief. From his X Factor days in 2010,… View Post

10 brands I found exciting whilst in New York

As I mentioned, I was lucky enough to go to New York last week and being an FCP student we visited 5th Avenue and Soho to learn more about brands… View Post

Summative Brief- Final Outcome

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, my end of module project was to produce a visual report using the brand, ‘All Saints’, the trend of ‘Craft and Embellishment’ and… View Post

What is a Lens Outcome?

I’ve done a previous blog post on ‘Outcomes’ in general and what they actually are, so for my summative brief, I was tasked with producing an outcome based on Lens.… View Post

All Saints. Everything you’re missing out on!

My summative project involved me researching into All Saints and personally I’ve never bought anything from the brand themselves, although I have been in many of times. I thought it’d… View Post