Rihanna; Why she’s ruling the Fashion Industry

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Powerful. Influential. Legendary. Just a few of the hundreds of words I would use to describe Rihanna. Now I’ve always been a huge fan of her, probably for the past 10 years. So call me biased, but she’s a pioneer of many industries and when it comes to fashion- she does it like no other. After launching ‘Fenty‘ a few of years ago, Rihanna announced her partnership with LVMH early last year. Now specifically, I want to start off by talking about ‘Savage X Fenty’. A lingerie range by her fashion house, which has certainly taken the industry by storm, making it the ideal first article to write about for 2020.

In September 2019, ‘Savage X Fenty’ held their catwalk show, debuting confidence and inclusivity at New York Fashion Week. It was a shoppable visual event, giving their competitors a run for their money. It included models all of sizes, shapes and ethnicities- something which is certainly a rarity within this industry. The likes of Halsey and Big Sean were a few of the performers and it was much more than a traditional show. Personally, I don’t think I expected it to become the phenomenon it has. From the public, to people of influence, celebrities and other designers; everyones seeming to become a huge fan of the brand.

Unlike their competitors, shopping on the site now vastly differs from the stereotypes within the society, which I think is huge when figuring out how the brand has done so well. With clothing such as lingerie that is so personal, having models that are curvy, have tattoos and not just a selected skin tone is so important for 2020. In addition, their sizes are a large range which is unlike any other brand who traditionally design to produce for a certain group of the target market, as opposed to the whole of it like Savage Fenty.

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Now with the start of 2020, I hope that by the end of this decade we live in a society where size and colour should be of no difference to brands and stereotypes should include all shapes and races. It shouldn’t be something a designer has to go out of their way to achieve, but a natural integration into the company and their ethos. We are heading in that direction, courtesy of the likes of Rihanna, but we definitely have much further to go to make it the norm.

When it comes to Fenty in general, I think they’re also breaking fashion boundaries with their unique tailoring and their methods of making comfy look fashionable. It is definitely on the more luxury side and has a much higher price point unlike Savage Fenty, nevertheless it’s still a personal favourite. Especially since she has a huge part in designing the collection herself, as opposed to some brands who leave it solely to the design team with minimal input from the designer themselves.

To conclude I think this next decade is going to be even bigger for Rihanna, with the brand only having the potential to expand further if it continues going this way. As a future creative, I think it makes me incredibly excited to see what opportunities it’ll bring with it!

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