Scent Stories- 30/03

Our seminar today consisted of visually analysing fragrance adverts and the story they tried to create behind each scent. The 3 campaigns were for:

  • Marc Jacobs- Daisy
  • YSL- Opium
  • Versace- Eros

All quite distinct in their own ways it was extremely interesting to analyse why they were directed in their own way. Personally, I really didn’t like the advert for Eros, Versace. I think it comes across extremely stereotypical and I know some people see female empowerment come across but for me I see the women being treated like a trophy or possession that the male has over her. In contrast, the Opium advert is directed extremely well. It empowers the female form and is extremely subtle for a fragrance ad. The Daisy ad I think is just a feel good visual and being a fan of the perfume already, I might be biased when I say I really quite like the whole campaign, especially the styling.

All images are my own.


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