Summative Brief- Final Outcome

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, my end of module project was to produce a visual report using the brand, ‘All Saints’, the trend of ‘Craft and Embellishment’ and the outcome, ‘lens’. The idea is to be as innovative as possible with it, producing something for the brand that would fit in and help them, whilst being like nothing else thats been done before.

My idea is based upon the concept of consumers wanting to know the technicality behind the products that they buy. All Saints use high quality materials such as real leather in their garments, so my outcome is a magazine which is in the style of a look-book and showcases the craft and embellishment that goes into each and every product. The visuals will all be photographed and edited using postproduction, with a QR code on the side of the image that can be scanned and will instantly take you to the website; with the exact link for the specific product that you are viewing. It links in well to existing brand as they are already so focused on an industrial feel when you walk into store. 

To make it more interesting for the audience, there will also be fabric swatches next to every look, as I’ve identified that this can be a key problem when purchasing garments online. The magazine will be published bi-annually for the Autumn/Winter collection and Spring/Summer collection. It will be highly crafted to extend the trend through to the outcome. The paper will be off a high quality, with all visuals having a gloss finish and the final product being bound professionally. All Saints have a monochrome colour scheme which will be maintained throughout the magazine and the packaging. It will be a recycled fabric which protects the magazine whilst it is sent out to consumers, making it unique and unlike any other visual marketing another brand may do. 

The images I produced myself on photoshop, to give an idea of what the outcome would look like, since it doesn’t currently exist. On the whole I think it’s extremely interesting due to the uniqueness of it all and I can see a potential market for it. At the start I really struggled to come up with an idea for my brief, just because the first thing I thought of when I read my trend was ‘Dior’ and as you must all know, Dior is extremely different to All Saints. I think this is a clever way of using the trend story, whilst also sticking to All Saint’s ethos.

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