The Big Idea

For the past few weeks we’ve been working on the FCP creative process and started by focusing on the ideas stage. Easy, right? Not quite. This is the part of the process which most of us typically do in our head without even realising. It is something which can’t be taught and comes to most of us naturally. However, the hardest part is showcasing these ideas. The likelihood of what you visualise when you think of your idea, is most probably an outcome- not an idea. Now you must be thinking, what is the difference? Well an outcome is the result of an idea you had, which can be seen when you look at the final product- whether that’s a campaign, advert, magazine or a visual. However, an idea can be interpreted in multiple different ways, with a particular outcome being one method of interpretation.

Our group got excited at the prospect of the brief, which was to use our trend story to then produce an end outcome. Our trend was ‘Active’, with our final outcome being ‘Space’ and our designated store was ‘Liberty’. We had to produce a pitch showcasing our ideas and why the client should use them. It was a huge learning curve as we fell into the trap of outcomes not ideas. As a group, we ended up producing a presentation on what our end outcome would consist of- instalments and mannequins embodying emerging and existing British activewear designers. Although we thoroughly enjoyed producing it, our feedback made complete sense. We concentrated too much on what we wanted to create for our client as opposed to showcasing our ideas through research of the brand, problems we overcame and how our thought evolved into a big idea.

Ideas can come any where and at any time. The main part to this creative process was learning that although we can’t be taught how to have an idea, the more we educate ourselves to things happening around us, the more likely we are to have ideas come to us. For instance, with the brief we were set, we made sure we did primary research, not only to learn more about activewear brands but to also familiarise ourselves with activewear, not just from our own wardrobe! It’s important to see how the industry is responding to certain trends and how they are incorporating it within their brand. A few of us went down to see Liberty again, to refresh ourselves with what it looks like and what we could do with the space inside. Things like this were crucial to helping us come up with ideas as it’s all we were focusing on and learning more and more about.

After going through all your ideas, the aim is to produce a ‘Big Idea’. This is a statement summarising exactly what your idea is, which will then be showcased within your outcome. For us it was:

‘To expose a luxury multigenerational clientele to emerging British women’s activewear brands, through a unique shopping experience by creating a dynamic and tangible space within Liberty’

This ‘Big Idea’ encapsulates everything we aimed to do as a group and provide to our client. By doing this you can pitch exactly what you can provide to the brand, rather than going straight to ‘Here is what we will do…’. The ‘Big Idea’, allows for multiple interpretations which can allow the brand and the creative agency to follow a negotiated route in order to fulfil the idea.

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