The Fragrance Industry- 31/03

Mood board 1

As a continuation from yesterday our task today revolved around the fragrance industry and delving deeper into our own views of it. Their were 3 mood boards we had to produce as a result of it.

Mood board 1, shown above, represents what I’m finding interesting and innovative about the industry at the moment. With more and more people buying products online, it has meant the perfume industry has had to shift its method of communication with its consumer. One of these ways includes creating sensory experiences which entices customers to visit and get a first hand feeling of the brand and fragrance before they buy it. On the whole, I think it’s extremely clever and comes across very aesthetically pleasing too. Customers get an immersive experience of the whole brand as well as the fragrance, making it seem quite personal.

Mood board 2

Mood board 2 represents a brand that is in my top favourite fragrance companies. Chanel has always been leading the industry, not just for its fashion but also for perfumes. The clean cut, very elegant and sophisticated look which they have maintained through the years, is extremely admirable and is authentic to the brand as a whole.

Mood board 3

Mood board 3 symbolises the theme ‘Natural Rituals’. It’s one of the themes we were given a choice of and I chose not to necessarily focus on fragrance when exploring its visuals, but kept it quite broad. A lot of brands in all industries are trying to go back to natural ingredients and use nature as a key factor.


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