The importance of mental well-being

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Mental health can be difficult enough to deal with daily, let alone when their’s a global pandemic going on. I’ve personally suffered with anxiety and depression before and I can see it coming back to infiltrate my life again. I think the first step which I decided I needed to do, was to accept that its back. The situation we’re in isn’t normal and it is completely okay for you to not be feeling normal either. Acknowledge the way your feeling and then you can act upon it and try to do things for yourself.

In terms of therapy and getting help, this may be slightly difficult due to the current circumstance the country is facing, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone- especially if it’s severely affecting your daily life. You can start off by calling 111 or checking the NHS website. The NHS offers tips on different mental health conditions, but if you think taking it off your chest may be better then these are a few places you can go to from the comfort of your bedroom:

If you yourself aren’t suffering then remember to check up on family and friends who may be slipping back into a place where they feel they can’t speak up or are experiencing something for the first time. From talking to friends, I know I’m not alone when I say it’s hard to complain about problems like this, when people are in life-threatening positions all over the globe. The biggest thing I can say, which my best friend said to me (and I’m kindly stealing) is, “The impact your problems are having on you are just as important as a problem somebody else is facing on the other side of the world”. Now just because you may be thinking, at least we’re physically healthy, not being mentally healthy is just as, if not even more important. Your mental state will influence your body and the nutrition it receives, so it really does all start from the inside.

The concept of isolation and being in lockdown is so difficult, and I completely understand how necessary it is but for people who are currently alone, missing people or just need that somebody to help them get though- this is hard. Try and talk to people as much as you can, whilst remembering you aren’t alone. We’ve passed the peak of this virus and hopefully soon enough, restrictions will start easing. Until then, so many people worldwide are in similar positions but we will get through this.

All in all, this isn’t easy. It wasn’t expected to be. Having a chill day is completely normal but having a jam packed day is too. Your method of coping will be different to somebody else’s but so long as you’re doing it for you and it works, that is what really matters. If you do think your mental health is affecting you physically or putting you in a life-threatening situation then call 999.

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