The Power of Scent

My projects have recently been focusing on the fragrance industry. It’s obviously a huge market which attracts millions of us each year, but I really wanted to talk about the personal intimacy behind the products. Scents are extremely powerful, transporting us to places that we may or may not want to go to and relive those feelings. The way the brain does this is fascinating and incredible in my opinion.

Do you ever smell something and think of somebody? Or a place? A time in your life? Isn’t it just amazing? Scent is powerful enough to evoke feelings from you, unlike any other sense. For me specifically there are a few things in particularly that take me back any time I smell them. Starting with ChloĆ© Nomade, one of my favourite perfumes. I instantly think of summer, a few years back, where I stayed in London for 6 weeks; learning how to drive and taking up work experience. It was one of my favourite summers and brings me so much happiness, whenever I get a whiff. On the contrary, Hollister’s body spray called ‘Crescent Bay’ brings back feelings I’d rather forget. It was what I wore for around 6 months of last year continuously, a year that really saw a decrease in my mental health. But, whats wonderful is seeing the improvement of how far I’ve come a year on, whenever I do smell it on somebody else.

This is the thing though- a scent I loved I can instantly begin to hate due to the memories attached. When talking to friends about this, they completely agreed too. Times where they’ve broken up with their significant other or had bad experiences, link to a specific scent which they’d rather never smell again and definitely won’t wear again.

A fragrance I can’t quite describe is walking into my university halls. I can’t put my finger on it but it’s something I’ve never smelt before and instantly takes me back to moving in day. Alongside nerves, I feel excitement and I’m definitely going to miss it next year. To try and recreate that would be hard as the smell isn’t of something specific but just the general aroma in the flat. Saying goodbye to that will be difficult and until now I’d never understood how attached you can get to a scent, which can evoke so many feelings.

All in all, what I wanted to say is don’t underestimate how a scent can make you feel. Use it for your strength, on a day when you aren’t quite feeling yourself. It can be empowering and definitely helps towards making you feel finished.

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