The resurgence of Vintage

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The past few years has seen a drastic increase in vintage. From charity shops, clothes swap events and the infamous Depop. With sustainability being a huge intiative currently, it only makes sense to address how ‘cool’ it is to be seen wearing vintage and not ’embarrassing’ as it once was!

Margherita Missoni, heiress to fashion house Missoni, said “Circularity means not putting an end to the things we use”. In the past few years, the industry has woken up and realised that our actions are aggressive and is having a significant impact on the globe. With the likes of celebrities such as Kate Moss, to royalty, Kate Middleton; they’ve been seen re-wearing outfits from their existing wardrobe. For fashion, this is a major step forward- to be photographed and seen wearing something you’ve worn before was unheard of and hopefully this example can be reciprocated through high street stores and the general public.

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In terms of the public, a contributing factor to this culture is the likes of Depop. Depop is a shopping app which allows anybody, from me and you to influencers and celebrities, to sell products which they may no longer be using. So rather than having your clothes you no longer wear end up in a landfill site, you could give it a new home! In fact, majority of things available have actually only been worn a couple times and in some cases they’re brand new. It’s an ideal place to look at before you go and buy something brand new, plus you’ll end up saving a bit of money!

Major online retailer ASOS launched ASOS Marketplace in 2010 and over the past couple years its gotten huge! As a separate part to ASOS themselves, they retail vintage boutiques and independent brands. Anyone can apply to open a boutique and sell through them. Again the garments are at a much lower price point and still of a high quality!

For a more physical experience, companies such as eventbrite sell tickets for clothes swap events. You can fin an event near you and all you have to do is take clothes you may no longer want to have and they’ll end up finding another home, whilst you pick up new (vintage) pieces for your own wardrobe. It’s a simple way of swapping with people and saves you having to splash out on buying new garments!

In my opinion, these small steps are crucial to help change attitudes towards wearing clothes again and again. There is no need to be having to buy a new dress for a party, when there are less damaging ways of wearing something you may have not worn before- even if that’s borrowing off of your sister or a best friend!

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