The true value of Fashion

The past few weeks have made me question the importance of the fashion industry and how it really makes us feel. Entering this industry, you can get questioned about whether you’re going to get a job from it or whether you should consider something more ‘serious’ and I know after speaking to course mates, many feel the same. But, we always tend to fail to mention the millions of people who have an underlying passion for it and that they need people like us to keep the industry thriving with new ideas and creativity.

During lockdown, fashion has been one of the things that has kept most of us going. From online shopping to getting dressed up- it’s helped us to keep that one bit of normality in our routine. When feeling down or less motivated on a particular day, the advice I get from most people is to get dressed as though you were going to leave the house. Having tried and continued to follow through with this- all I can say is that it definitely works! The power that your favourite clothes or anything in your wardrobe has is immense. Not only is it our form of expression for the day but we feel empowered and ready to do something. Saying this, there have definitely been days where I’ve dressed up and just had a glass of wine all day!

Online shopping is a gift we’ve been lucky enough to have. Thank you to all those behind the scenes in factories, to our delivery drivers, who have bought smiles on thousands of peoples faces. It isn’t a necessity but we are privileged enough to order and receive parcels, even if it’s slightly delayed. This again shows, how much happiness a simple order can bring, whilst we’re at home. Acknowledging the crisis, most fashion retailers are also providing discounts to key workers which is phenomenal.

Just simple things such as fashion creatives producing masks and using their skills to provide for our key workers and those in need. I usually complain about our industry being too celebrity focused and all about the glitz and glamour but this time I want to express the appreciation I have for it and that others should have too. We aren’t just luxury focused and this time has proven who we are.

All images courtesy of Unsplash.

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