Trend Alert; Crafted & Embellished

As part of my summative project, the trend story I was given was ‘Crafted and Embellished’. After being given the trend story ‘Crafted and Embellished’, I began with researching into the details and intricacy behind objects. When analysing information, I found this was the key feature behind the trend and it was supported by a survey I conducted where consumers thought this was the first thing that came to their head when they heard that phrase. I started off quite broad by looking into architecture, food and jewellery before linking it back to fashion. Originally, I found it quite hard to come up with the not obvious ways of interpreting the trend, but quickly I found that everything is. rafted in its own way and embellished. So with food for instance, all food is crafted and then the embellishments are the garnishes you have.

Looking at it as a trend for SS20, I thought it was important to look at the historical context behind it, where I found that it signified wealth, a high status and typically royalty. Religion used a lot of craft and embellishment whether that was through jewellery or a church’s stain-glassed window. All these findings led me to look at what it symbolises in 2020, which is similar, as we most commonly see it on the red carpet or within higher end brands. Since most of these products are couture or tailor made, I looked further into the method in which a product is crafted and embellished. I focused on stitching techniques, the quality of the material, the method in which it was sewn together and everything else involved in producing the garment. I established that the trend doesn’t just mean an intricately produced object, but also the craftmanship behind it. 

Having had done this research I found that it was much easier to make sense of the brief and what it was asking on the whole. Craft and embellishment I can now see being worn more commonly on the runways, for instance, Ralph & Russo’s latest show is full of it. The SS20 trend is going to be all over the high street soon and now we can understand a bit more as to how and why.

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