What moves me?

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This week we had lectures focusing on inspiring brands both fashion and non-fashion, who were producing with an initiative in mind. From examples such as, Tony’s Chocolonely to Nike it got me thinking that it would only make sense to talk about a topic that I find extremely important and would love to support in the future through my work.

Although I care for a lot of subjects and initiatives, there’s one that always hits home a bit more for me and that’s women. Quite a broad topic but from gender equality, to female empowerment and sexual harassment. Everything surrounding the topic of helping other women like me, is what I would like to say I most tend to stand for. Currently in society it’s a major topic and I would like to think that this blog post doesn’t come across as ‘Oh look, here she is jumping on the bandwagon too’.

Firstly I want to discuss gender equality. Quite frankly, I don’t understand how this is still an issue in 2020 and how we haven’t already sorted it. Apart from biology, there is no differentiation between a man and a woman. So it really frustrates me when they aren’t treated equally. From global issues such as equal pay to daily problems females face like ‘mansplaining’. Brands are trying to address this issue and although they are only small moves, I’m hoping that sooner than we think, this won’t be a problem anymore. Adidas released a campaign in 2019, using female athletes to call for equal media representation for male and female sports. Currently, they are only 4% of sports coverage in the US which is disgraceful really.

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Female empowerment I think links really well into this. One of the best ways to help empower women is through motivating them to do anything and be anything they want to be- which media should help to fulfil. There isn’t a competition between men and women, well at least in my eyes and to think the degree I study can contribute to a girl thinking she can or can’t do something is heartbreaking. Growing up as a female of colour and wanting to enter such a creative industry where Asian women are a minority can be challenging, but only pushes me more to help other ladies pursue whatever they wish to.

Lastly, such a current issue with the ‘Me Too‘ movement; sexual harassment being spoken about so loudly is such a positive step in our society. I think this topic means the most to me in general and has done over the past few years. It starts by changing the mindset of men, hopefully meaning fewer and fewer incidents take place but whilst they are happening globally, they need to be spoken about. Bonobos, a mens clothing brand, challenged the definition of a man with the hashtag #EvolvetheDefinition. The aim is to change adverts targeting men about ‘what makes a man’ and the way men behave with women. As important as this is, I don’t think it’s possible to change the views of all males, but through fashion I would hope that even if it does change one man’s mindset, that’s one less victim.

To conclude, I think this was an important blog post to do and I’m hoping for any of you reading it, it makes you question what moves you and what changes you’d want to see. I’d hope that after studying FCP, my job provides an outlet where I can help people and causes, that represent my attitudes and worries in society.

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