Why Fashion?


As my first unrelated fashion post, it would only make sense to discuss why and how I ended up here. Surprisingly, it isn’t something I’ve always wanted to do, in fact up until a year ago Fashion Communication and Promotion was only one of the few possibilities between architecture, interior design and fashion marketing. 

Up until the age of 15, I’d always wanted to do medicine and potentially become a paediatrician. This changed when I realised that I didn’t enjoy Biology and Chemistry enough to want to study it any further than GCSE’s. After not knowing for a while what I wanted to do, I realised that the best thing to do, was to continue with everything I enjoyed for A Levels. I studied, Religious Studies, Psychology and Product Design. Early on into A Levels, I narrowed down my options to the creative industry, with possible options being Fashion, Architecture, Interior Design and Journalism. I really enjoy using my own ideas to produce an outcome and all these careers would allow me to do so. Fashion was still slightly higher than the others, so I chose to apply to different brands to take part in London Fashion Week AW18. I thought this would either confirm my choice or I’d hate it and know it wasn’t for me. I managed to get a placement with Aadnevik and thoroughly enjoyed it. It really taught me about the inside of the industry (the part we as consumers don’t see) and I found that I loved it more than I thought I would have.

Next, I went on to study a course at London College of Fashion which taught me about the industry as a whole. I’d figured that I didn’t want to do designing but had no clue what other jobs there really were within the industry. This short course at LCF I couldn’t recommend any more. It basically helped me to decide that I really enjoyed branding and marketing but as a degree it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to study as I couldn’t be as creative as I wanted to be. I spoke to people within the industry and found that Fashion Communication and Promotion would be the perfect degree, if this was the route I wanted to take, as it would allow me to use all my creative skills in a way other than drawing. 

Having loved my time with Aadnevik, I then went on and applied for LFW SS19 and got an internship with Temperley London. Knowing the business side was what I would potentially end up in, this only confirmed my thoughts and contributed massively in helping me to decide that Fashion was the industry for me. I loved working with them and seeing the luxury side of the industry. It was much more stressful than I anticipated but was worth every second of it. 

Looking round at different universities and cities, Nottingham definitely stood out for me both for my career and as a new home. The course was unlike any other and now here I am; 7 weeks in and studying FCP at Nottingham Trent!

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