Will clean beauty ever be the new norm?

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Clean beauty involves products which don’t contain any toxins or ingredients that have proven to be harmful to the body. The past several years has seen a resurgence of these kind of products, with more and more brands reconsidering the manufacturing. The rise of clean beauty is down to the desire of consumers wanting stripped back products for a detox and their obsession of healthier living. As well as the increase of sensitive skin products, where the population are worried about the pollution and stress factors affecting them and they want to do something about it.

There is a long list of ingredients that come under toxins from artificial colours to silicones and sulphates. The effects of these tend to be focused around congesting skin. I think as a consumer the hardest part is finding something clean whilst paying an affordable price. For many people, buying clean products makes sense. You don’t want to be using a product that clogs the skin or risks another breakout. However, a lot of the time this comes at a price, which a lot of younger consumers can struggle to buy into. Brands such as ‘The Ordinary’ are definitely combating this and slowly paving a way for clean beauty. Although, the other dilemma comes with brand names. A lot of people stick to a product because of the name attached to it- whether that is Clinique, Chanel or Glossier. Trying to then get consumers to move from this to a new less known company can be extremely difficult. I think this is one of the primary reasons why I believe clean beauty won’t be the norm.

Saying this, I think companies are trying harder to make clean products as they see a market for it, but unless all businesses take this on board, I don’t see clean beauty becoming normal. For some products it simply isn’t possible, as the manufacturers can’t afford to produce at such a low rate with clean ingredients. But maybe these then shouldn’t exist? Why wear a product which is inevitably going to damage your skin, instead don’t wear one? Linking to this, all beauty brands globally need to stop animal testing. It’s extremely disappointing that as human beings we’re using animals to create luxury products. It isn’t essential to have the beauty industry, yet it’s the reason so many animals die unnecessarily. Alongside clean beauty, this is crucial and I think with small steps forward, we will be able to live in a world where cruelty free and clean products are the norm.

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