Will we ever be an all inclusive society?

The topic of inclusivity and diversity has been playing on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been looking into brands such as Fenty and it got me thinking about whether our society will ever be all inclusive? From disabled people, to LGBTQ+, gender equality and racism. There are so many elements within our culture, which have created stereotypes to make us see people differently and as I grow up, I’m struggling to see why?

When it comes to beauty specifically, it’s odd to think we have a standard perception of what is classified as beautiful and anything that detracts from this is seen as less. As a woman of colour, I’ve felt this before and realising that there are so many different women in the world; beauty is unique and individual to a person themselves. This links in with inclusivity within race and skin colours. We still very much see billboard with white ladies and more and more black ladies. But, surely this still isn’t diverse? What about us ladies from an Asian heritage? I still rarely see them on runways, in magazines or in TV. Doesn’t this need to change? Diversity is more than black and white- what about different sizes of women?

We then come to disabled individuals who have different needs to somebody like myself, but that doesn’t make those requirements any less valuable or important. So why are we not progressing? It isn’t just about accessible lifts and easy movement but rather talking about their needs and not seeing them differently. I saw a couple weeks ago, a man in a wheelchair in a club got ignorant stares given to him and people being quite abrupt really. This made me think that, even with the influence of alcohol, this sort of behaviour is just not acceptable.

When you think of people judging somebody based on who they love or what they identify as- doesn’t that seem utterly crazy to you? How can you possibly see anybody differently because of who they love or because they feel something different to what there biology tells them they are? Many of my friends are part of the LGBTQ+ community and the opinion many people still have, even if they choose not to always project it, is disheartening. I understand you’re allowed an opinion but some of the aggressive comments that float around this topic, I think is vile.

Summarising it all up, I think these different topics (alongside others `I haven’t mentioned) will sadly mean we will never fully be inclusive and consider everybody equally. Behind closed doors, people will show their true opinions which may come out when provoked and be quite harmful. This isn’t to say you can’t change your opinion, because there are many friends of mine who are more liberal now that they’ve educated themselves on the matters. It’s all it takes- teaching and learning more about these issues and altering your perception. At the end of the day, what somebody else does should have no impact on you, so at least be kind and accepting of it.

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